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In this life you can expect there will be temptations, trials and trouble.

by Chaplain Anthony Murphy Site Admin

In this life you can expect there will be temptations, trials and trouble.

Some are so arrogant and deny this, but I’m here to burst your bubble.

The Bible tells us that we will all suffer persecution sometimes in our life.

The enemy, the accuser of our faith, always wants to create strife.

Retired Doctor Pursues Passion for Poetry and Brings Spiritual Healing

Chaplain Anthony Murphy publishes a poetic tribute that bespeaks God’s gift and grace

BURKE, S.D. – (Sept. 5, 2012) – “No man loves life like him that’s growing old,” Sophocles once said. Nothing gives justice to this age-old wisdom than Doctor and Chaplain Anthony Murphy’s debut literary work, titled A Chaplains Book of Poems. Murphy’s book is a remarkable fruit of a post-reitrement inspiration to begin writing poetic verses. This is a clear testimony that it is never too late to discover a new passion and achieve a new dream, most especially when they are inspired by God.

Murphy’s work impresses readers on two counts. First, it is completed in an incredibly short span of time that may astonish even the most prolific writers. Secondly, it is a spiritual tribute to the One who he believes, gave him this amazing gift to weave words into a spiritual bandage for weary souls. This newfound vocation enables him to continue his vocation for healing; only this time, not as a doctor of the body, but of the spirit.

Murphy’s collection of poems contains about 50 literary pieces. All of these have been written in a span of barely five months. It gives readers the impression that Murphy has found a wellspring of words that naturally flows from his pen to paper. Murphy clears all doubts that the inspiration is heaven-sent as most of these speak about his unwavering faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. From his opening poem, “They’ll always be a Jesus,” until his closing piece, he always speaks about Christ, the source of all physical and spiritual healing.

A Chaplains Book of Poems is a unique poetry book that is not only a testament to the beauty of finding a new vocation late in life, but also a tribute to the Giver of such vocation. Murphy teaches readers that if they keep an open mind and heart and trust in Christ, He will do wonders in their lives beyond their wildest dreams.

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Author : Chaplain Anthony

I am a retired European Naturopath Doctor and a still active Chaplain. Writing poems is a brand new gift from God to me. I wrote my first poem in February 28, 2012 and finished the last poem July 10th of 2012.

It seemed daily that I would be inspired to write a poem and the Lord would give me the words, sometimes almost faster than I could type.

These poems are my gift to the world and I leave as my legacy.

Blessings to all that read these God inspired poems.

Chaplain Anthony Murphy

Book Title: A Chaplains Book of Poems

Available for purchase at Barnes And Noble and Amazon.